1. When and where can I get Vs. Football?
Vs. Football is available now for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android platforms.  You can download it via the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play App Store.

2. How much does Vs. Football cost?
It’s free to download and play on both Google Play and the Apple iTunes App Store.

3. Is Vs. Football fantasy football?
No, Vs. Football is not fantasy football.  Vs. Football is an asynchronous or turn-based mobile football game available for free on Google Play and the App Store.

That being said, we eat, drink and sleep football including fantasy football.  We have created the free Ultimate Fantasy Football Draft Day Cheat Sheet for Vs. Football fans. We rank the top 150 players plus give you easy tools to track your draft.  To get the Draft Day Cheat Sheet, just text football to 28748 or enter your email on the home page at www.playvsfootaball.com and we will send you a link.

4. Is Vs. Football like Madden?
No, not at all. We love Madden but wanted to create a different experience. In Vs. Football, you call plays against your friend. Think of it as Football With Friends. It’s football, so it’s lot more fun than word games.

5. Can I suggest a play to include in the Vs. Football playbook?
Of course, we welcome any suggestions. Just email your ideas to info@playvsfootball.com.

Have a question you don’t see here? We’re happy to answer you directly. Just email us at info@playvsfootball.com.

  • About Vs. Football

    Play football against your friends. You call the plays. Talk smack. Run up the score. Tee it up again and take down the next opponent. Best part, it’s free so have at it. Vs. Football is available for both the iPhone/iOS and android smartphones.

    Text "football" to 28748 and we will send you updates about Vs. Football including our drawings and giveaways.

  • Challenge Random Opponents.

    Vs. Football’s newest version offers improved chat function and features a new invitation process, allowing users to connect via text message, e-mail and Facebook to invite friends to play the game.

    Another new bonus? Football fanatics can now challenge random opponents to a game of Vs. Football, providing endless possibilities to test their play-calling skills.

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