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Chris Austin –
Founder 34 Sports Mobile, Inc. | Creator of Vs. Football | Lifelong Chiefs Fan

Darrin Clawson  –
Founder, Engage Mobile Solutions, LLC | Broncos Fan living in Kansas City

Matthew Barksdale –
President, Engage Mobile Solutions, LLC | Chiefs Fan

  • About Vs. Football

    Play football against your friends. You call the plays. Talk smack. Run up the score. Tee it up again and take down the next opponent. Best part, it’s free so have at it. Vs. Football is available for both the iPhone/iOS and android smartphones.

    Text "football" to 28748 and we will send you updates about Vs. Football including our drawings and giveaways.

  • Challenge Random Opponents.

    Vs. Football’s newest version offers improved chat function and features a new invitation process, allowing users to connect via text message, e-mail and Facebook to invite friends to play the game.

    Another new bonus? Football fanatics can now challenge random opponents to a game of Vs. Football, providing endless possibilities to test their play-calling skills.

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