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Vs. Football is available on iPhone, iPad and Android - DOWNLOAD NOW!.
Play football against your friends. You call the plays. Talk smack. Run up the score. Tee it up again and take down the next opponent. Best part, it’s free - so have at it.

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    Printable Super Bowl Games.

    Want to put a wager on the Super Bowl? It does not matter if you are rooting for the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks – you can have fun with the Vs. Football Super Bowl Prediction Play Game.

    Looking for an interactive way to watch the Super Bowl with the family? Look no further. You can have fun with the entire family with Vs. Football Super Bowl Family Game.

    Grab a beverage of choice and settle in this Sunday for Super Bowl XLVIII. Here's an inside look into the game: take a drink every time Peyton Manning says “Omaha” or take a gulp if Richard Sherman does an on-field excessive celebration. Join the fun with the Vs. Football Super Bowl Drinking Game.

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    You make the call.

    Do you believe in running to set up the pass? The Read Option? Are you a West Coast disciple? Or do you want to go Old School with a 46 defense? You can get your mojo working with any number of plays and formations on both sides of the ball.

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    A winning playbook.

    Want more plays? Want an edge over your opponent? You can purchase additional offensive plays and defensive schemes to expand your playbook. Need to throw a Hail Mary, fake a punt or run the pistol – you can. Our goal is to make the game as real as possible and give you all the plays you need to get into the endzone.

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    When can I play Vs. Football?

    Vs. Football is available now in the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. Download free for your iPhone and Android phone.

    If you would like to receive text messaging updates to your phone, text "football" to 28748 to stay up to date.

    Check us out on Facebook and Twitter at @PlayVsFootball

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